Thursday, November 14, 2013

Asif Brothers' asathal biriyani

It was an anticipated weekend with both my brothers, Bala and Karthi, along with their wives turned up to our home for a week end bash all the way from Bangalore. My children were head over heels with the arrival of their mamas and athais. We planned for a brunch out as both my brothers were not ready to eat whatever I offered to cook.
Next came the part of deciding the restaurant.My husband suggested two places - Fortune or BBQ nation. Bala's return train was by 2.30. So he had to leave for the station by 1.30. This constraint was to be taken into consideration before choosing a restaurant. Fortune is a bit far away from our place. So rejected. BBQ nation is a major attraction for my son with all its grill over the table, green flag, red flag etc. But they start a bit late which means Bala could not leave on time for station.
 We were not ready for the monotonous Aappakadais, Chettinad restaurants. So I suggested Asif Biriyani centre. On a day of terrible hunger, we decided to order biriyani from our usual aappakadai near our place. But my daughter said that their biriyani tasted like yesterday's puli choru (Puliogare), which was immediately agreed by my son. So I went straight to googlaandavar which listed asif biriyani as a restaurant which would door-deliver to our area. Thus followed weeks and months of door delivery from Asif. But my husband was not sure of that place as we have never been there straight. His main reason for doubt is that their prices are very reasonable. I convinced him somehow and thus we three families landed in Asif Brothers' Biriyani Center.
The restaurant is not posh with very normal seatings and lightings. Atleast the place had a/cs. I tried to be optimistic and ventured saying 'Hey see, they have a/cs' here '. My husband gave me a plain stare. I turned back to the menu. When you are in a group you try to do things which you will never do when you are alone. Thus came vasu's (my husband) wild idea of ordering for afghan chicken for starters. Then we ordered for chilly prawn, grilled chicken and chicken lollipop. For soup, we chose chicken soup and hot n sour corn soup. For main course, we ordered what they are famous for - Biriyani and prawn masala.
First came the Afghan chicken with lots of accompaniments. There was a white layer over the chicken which was not much visually appealing which in turn made Vasu have a second thought about his choice. Each of us grabbed a piece. A bite into it - Wow........The taste just blew us away. That white layer is actually well beaten egg white spread over the chicken which added on to its taste. A dip into the chutney and a bite - it was divine. Grilled Chicken - not up to the mark. Then came the Chicken lollipop. Here they prepare the chicken lollipop with skin which I haven't tasted in any other restaurant. This makes the chicken crispy outside and moist inside. The slight fat content retained because of the covering skin enhances the flavour. But they stretch this idea a bit far and make chicken soup also with skin. This is a definite dampener.
Biriyani is a block-buster here. The thin, looong basmathi rice, the mild, not-so-overpowering masala, the texture - simply great. Prawn was cooked to perfection - not under-cooked also not rubbery. Finger licking good.
For all these, we paid less than 3 grand which was surprising. We left the pocket-friendly, tasty place with content. Try this place friends for a change!


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